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Guitar Jam 2012 (Fan Jam) Help Us Get on the Show!

by Rebel Sound Records on Monday, March 5, 2012 at 8:03pm

Let's help make the Berkshire Eagle's Guitar Jam 2012 the Fan Jam that it truly needs to be!  Four bands will be chosen and how great would it be if one of these four were on the stage?  Let's do it!
ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY APRIL 7, 2012 to make it to the next round of voting.  All the information can be found here in the Eagle's article.

Pick four from this list and use a valid email address to vote!  You can also drop your choices in the mail, this is open to EVERYONE so even if you don't live in the Berkshires, please vote for your favorites!

Why should you vote for one of the newest bands on the scene?  Why not?  They perform with conviction, integrity and on a level not seen locally in years, if ever.  The one-two punch of their guitar and bass assault has Amerikkkan Citizens taking prisoners like no other band in the county.  What will they do next?  Who knows?  The recorded debut will be out by April 1 and that's no fooling.

Nothing about Bloodwar is subtle and their are now performing with their strongest line-up to date!  Welcome this powerhouse back to the stage as they prepare to play shows in support of their newest album!  This veteran hardcore act will leave you wanting more!

It's hard to believe this excellent indie rock band exists right here in the Berkshires!  The songs are fun and carry so much substance you still won't believe they're a local band.  Deafened By Love is another band you need to catch when you can because one day we'll catch up with what everyone out of the area knows, this band is great!

If this were 1989, Sub Pop Records would've signed Exovox upon hearing their demos or seeing them live.  One of the finest examples of the classic grunge sound that you can find in the region.  This 3 piece brings to mind the classic sounds of the Pacific Northwest adding in their own east coast influence, good stuff!

Part trash, part glitter, part glam and part rock n' roll fantasy, this wild and crazy south county four piece has been making a name for themselves throughout the region.  The Fallen Starlets could've toured/should've shared the stage with punk rock legends Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers back at the Peppermint Lounge!

While voted Best Acoustic Act within the last couple of year by My 411 Source, you can't just consider Forever Autumn to be just an acoustic act.  They have much more substance and bite than your stereotypical acoustic act.  Forever Autumn coined the phrase "acoustic doom" and there isn't a much more appropriate description of this powerful group!

It's hard to imagine modern day pop-punk not being represented in the Berkshires.  Nice Try Kid have successfully managed to capture the 90's with their melodic take on a sometimes worn out genre. Its refreshing because this is something the kids aren't really doing today!

Experiencing Noumenon live is something else.  This guitar and vocals duo put many full bands to shame.  The shrieking vocals combined with the searing guitar create such an intense live experience that Noumenon are spreading their audio chaos throughout the northeast!

Nu-metal or hard rock?  You decide because One Bright Day have managed to survive in an area with minimal live performance options and minimal recorded output.  Coming from all sorts of directions with two guitars, bass, drums and a wild front, One Bright Day's songs of nihilism and isolation will have you wanting more!

Will their 20th year be their final year?  It's tough to say, but what isn't tough to say is that this veteran punk act recorded a killer album that was never officially released and continue to work on new material while other bands have disappeared off the face of the earth.  With new line-up that was like a shock to the life support system, they refuse to throw in the towel just yet!

Don't miss out on one of the longest-running original hard rock/metal bands in the region who have pushed their music to new levels with each and every performance!  They don't play too often, but catch them when you can because you won't be disappointed with their powerful sounds!

While they're one of newer bands on the local scene, The Spurs have certainly made a name for themselves rather quickly.  If have yet to catch them live, you must drop everything and try to make it to their next show! One of the best country bands in the region, hands down.

Hot on the heels of their new split EP with NY's Clover, Stairwell Sea show they've continued to grow beyond their thrash metal beginnings.  The aggressive guitars are still there but the songs have grown in every which way but subtle!

After weathering a few line-up changes, this band relocated to the Berkshires and are ready to take it by storm!  Their influences are all over the place, but the result is massive amounts of energy and solid performances throughout the entire band.  Don't miss them as they play throughout the region on a regular basis!


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